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The Best beaches in Zanzibar

While history and culture are definitely good reasons to go to Zanzibar, it’s the stunning powder white sand beaches and tranquil turquoise ocean that makes it the picture perfect, quintessential island holiday destination. While you can’t really make a bad choice – all Zanzibar’s beaches are amazing, there is huge variation depending on which side of the island you’re on – so choosing the right part of the coast is an important part of getting the most out of your beach holiday.

Which is Zanzibar’s most popular beach?

Nungwi in the northern part of the island is usually Zanzibar’s most popular beach. One of the big reasons for this is that the ocean isn’t very tidal, which means you can swim at any time of the day. Here, you’re likely to meet other travellers, and you can buy fresh fruit and locally made jewellery from the “beach boys” selling their wares as that wander up and down the coastline.

Which beach is best for privacy?

Situated on the east coast of Zanzibar, Pongwe’s isolated location makes it the ultimate beach for privacy – in fact, just a short walk away from the hotels and you’re likely not to see another traveller as you walk up and down the coastline. Despite its secluded atmosphere, many believe that Pongwe is one of Zanzibar’s most spectacular beaches – perfect for sun worshippers who are happy to spend all day lazing outside undisturbed with nothing but a good book and plenty of sun cream.

Which beach is best for watersports?

Zanzibar’s east coast is fast becoming a kite surfer’s paradise. This side of the island always tends to be slightly windier than anywhere else, making it the perfect spot for both kite surfing and wind sailing. Paje Beach is Zanzibar’s kite-surfing hub and beginners and more experienced kite surfers can come here to get equipment, pick up tips, or simply relax with like-minded people.

The best party beach in Zanzibar

Kendwa Beach is situated just a few kilometres outside of Nungwi on the north-west coast. While it has a slightly more relaxed feeling, it is also where lots of laid-back beach bars can be found. Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel organises regular Full Moon Parties on the beach which take place on the Saturday night closest to the full moon each month. Although a slightly tamed-down version of Thailand’s famous Full Moon Parties, Kendwa still puts on a great show with fire eaters, dance music and acrobats.

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