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Great Bali attractions

Beautiful beaches bring blissful days of swimming, snorkelling and sun tanning before the big bright globe in the sky sets, and you breathe in the bewitching charm of Bali after another perfect day. So let’s take a look at some of its attractions, delights, unique aspects and tips, all of which (in this case) start with the letter ‘B’.

Bintang Beer

Bintang is the beer of choice in Bali. It’s a pale lager beer with 4.7% alcohol that is styled very much like a Heineken, and yes the flavours and tastes are similar too. You can expect to pay anything between Rp15000 to Rp90000, or roughly R16 to R93 per bottle depending on where you buy them.

Beeping scooters

Many of the Balinese people own scooters and may use them to transport their whole families across town or between villages. The city and town centres can get manic, with hundreds of scooters hustling their way through the traffic. And everyone beeps their hooters… usually they will beep if they are about to overtake someone and to let them know that they are there, and other times it seems like it’s just for fun!

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is enclosed with cliff faces and long stretches of bush and palm trees. It’s located in the Unggasan Village and has a number of bars, umbrellas for hire, and pretty good surf breaks. With roughly 200m of white sand and warm water it’s a great place to unwind, and is definitely a beach worth checking out.

Batur Mountain

Mount Batur is located on the north-east part of the island. It’s an active volcano with hot springs at the top and a magnificent lake at the eastern base of the mountain. It’s most recent eruption occurred in 2000. The mountain is a fantastic hiking spot which is frequented by groups who get up early in the morning and trek to the top to catch the sun rising for magnificent views, before taking a dip in the hot spring.

Bali Museum

For an up-close and intricate understanding of the Balinese history and culture, visit the Bali Museum in Denpasar. The Balinese people are known for their creativity and artistic expression. So a visit to the museum is a real treat, as it has typical Balinese courtyards with spectacular sculptures, exhibits of cultural masks, musical instruments, paintings, textiles, and archaeological artefacts that Bali is so well known for.


Betutu is a favourite Balinese dish and consists of roast chicken and sometimes duck. It is prepared with a spice mix known as Betutu spice and is often served with rice on a plate of palm leaves. You may need to order ahead, unless it is already on the menu, as it can take up to 24 hours to prepare.

Bamboo Bar

The Bamboo Bar and Grill is a popular and airy venue in Kuta which serves delightful fresh seafood, offers a range of cocktails and of course Bintang Beer. The entire venue is made of Bamboo which is not only environmentally friendly, but also adds to the island ambience. As it is on the beach, you can also sip a cocktail and relax on the sun lounges. It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Whether it’s the rice paddies, mountains, hills or rustic village charm oozing with a humble island lifestyle and a sense of spiritual awareness, or the magnificent coastline and its bays and beaches, Bali is an amazing destination whatever you’re looking for. So get hold of your brilliant Flight Centre Consultant today and find out more about taking a trip of a lifetime to the spectacular island of Bali!

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